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of the parkway still closed. tom fitzgerald joins us with the late. >> reporter: tragic start to the day hear in southeast. this scene still going on. let pee get out of the the way and give you a better look at what is going on here. the call came in at approximately 2:36 a.m. that was when a man was apparently crossing suitland parkway from south to north and was struck by a car in the inbound lanes of of the suitland parkway. now, police have not identified the victim. however, we can tell you that he is an african-american male. police are on the lookout right now for what they believe is the striking vehicle, and that within a small dark blue or black vehicle with what we are told would be extensive front end damage to the wind windshield and possibly missing the right front side mirror. as you heard briefly in that traffic report just a minute ago with julie wright, traffic is being diverted on the outbound intersection. we're live some southeast, tom fitzgerald. >>> michael fell p was involved in an accident last night. driver of the other car was shaken up and taken to a local hospita
viewings and private ceremonies, kennedy's body arrived here at arlington semtaro saturday. tom fitzgerald has more on what is being planned. tom? >> reporter: as you said, the preparations are underway at the cemetery tonight in advance of senator edward kennedy's burial. unlike the large processions of his brother's john f. kennedy 1963 funeral, the 2004 services for ronald reagan, there won't be a horse-drawn cason. we learned following the funeral mass on saturday morning in boston, senator kennedy's casket will be flown to andrew's air force base and driven by motorcade to arlington national cemetery. the battalion commander told us the burial service will be simple and similar to honors rendered to every veteran buried on arlington's hallowed ground. for the type of funeral we're looking at right now, this is a standard congressional-type funeral. what that means is that we have a casket team of eight members, a joint casket team. membership of all the other branches of the average, marines, navy, air force and coast guard. >> reporter: as for the like, it will be 95 feet to the sout
, setting the time for us in boston. >>> now we go to fox 5s tom fitzgerald where preps are underway there, fitz. what is the latest? >> reporter: we had the opportunity to go up to the kennedy grave sites and see some of the preparation now. to many visitors to the naked eye, you didn't see much at all today. what we're told is that senator edward kennedy is going to be buried slightly to the left of the grave eye site of robert f. kennedy. a lot of early preliminary work has been set out at 7:00 tonight. the cemetary is going to close its doors and that is when the major site preparation is going to begin in advance of the burial service tomorrow around 5:00 in the afternoon. >> and fitz, what are we expecting tomorrow? >> well, senator kennedy requested a simple ceremony, brian. you will not see the horse- drawn cason that many people have become familiar w especially since john f. kennedy's funeral and most recently when ronald reagan's funeral services were here in washington. instead, a black hearse will bring the senator's casket into the cemetery. there will be a joint honor guard,
trouble with the law. tom fitzgerald joins us live with more. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning, claudia. if this was meant as a prank, folks in this neighborhood are not laughing. it's a miracle that no one was walking by this mailbox when this explosion occurred. we have some video of the scene last night shortly about an hour after this took place. it was around 10:00 when d.c. fire and ems were called to the neighborhood at 49th and mead street. a mailbox was exploded by an explosive device in it. a bomb. police have not been able to identify who is responsible for this at this point but we can tell you the force of this explosion sent debris scattered at least 60 feet in all areas and fire and ems had to come back and search the area for concern there may have been a second device planted. fortunately none has been found. and joining us is mary mug. weighs here in the neighborhood last night when it happened and what did you hear? >> a big explosion from inside my apartment. >> reporter: what did it sound like? >> a bomb. >> reporter: just violent booming, shaking? >> it wa
in the country is serious but success is achievable with a change in direction. tom fitzgerald now has details. >> reporter: in his 8th year, the war in afghanistan may face one more new direction. >> this report is an assessment where we are. >> reporter: white house press secretary robert gibbs said it was president obama who ordered the report which gibbs says the president is yet to receive. >> the president asked for a review of our policy. the president authorized additional security forces in to afghanistan. >> reporter: the review from president obama's new commander, eneral stanley mcchrystal called for more training to afghanistan forces to take over security so u.s. forces could focus on counterinsurgency. we have a record number of troops and we will have 68,000 by the end of the year. the report does not call for more u.s. troops but says the request is expected later this year. >> he wants to request more troop but there is not much support in washington for that. >> reporter: the center for strategic and international studies says while the taliban controls a third of afghanista
might want in return. tom fitzgerald is following the new developments. >> reporter: as former president bill clinton stepped off his plane in north korea, the secret trip may have been a surprise to the outside world but the white house was keeping quiet. >> this was a private mission that we weren't going to comment on while the former president was on the ground in north korea. >> reporter: clinton met with kim i will i don't think. negotiations were son followed by a media report that the leader had pardoned the americans. laura ling and euna lee some say were pawns to achieve the real goal. >> die a long with the u.s -- die a long with the u.s. >> reporter: the recent actions, missile tests are aimed at getting one on one negotiations with the united states. >> they feel they have been isolated. they are not treated as equals with the u.s. >> reporter: with north korea in financial ruin and kim ill young reportedly ill, the white house should go slowly. >> the question is what is the message. >> reporter: the senior south asian fellow for relations said president clinton's mission h
on the middle class, something obama as a candidate, promised not to do. tom fitzgerald has more on the fallout. >> president obama says over and over again he will do what needs to be ne to fix the country's financial future. >> i think every step that s necessary to make sure that happens. >> reporter: but two administration economic gurus y have stepped in something else, controversy, a flip flop over raising taxes on the middle class. >> let me be precise, the president's clear commitment on not raising taxes on those making less than $250,000 a year. >> robert gibbs said that geithner an summers used to rule out middle class tax hikes on sunday. >> the president's clearest commitment in the clearest terms possible. he's not raising taxes on those who make less than $250,000 a year. >> a middlela-c tax hike would be costly after candidate obama pledged not to pursue one during the s not a time to rais taxes on anyone. >> reporter: he says the administration has still not ruled out a so-called use user or national sales tax which could race $1.6 trillion a year. >> he can say hee not raisin
and 49th street. tom fit gerald has details from the scene in northeast. -- tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: the bolts are all that remains of a mailbox blown up here on the corner thursday night. and if someone meant this as a prank, no one is laughing. it happened around 10:00 at night just across the street from the brown middle school. some and without warning, the mailbox exploded. she will never forget the sound. >> it goes boom! real, really loud. like something did blow up. >> reporter: from d.c. fire and e.m.s. report that debris from the explosion was scattered about 60 feet. a bomb-sniffing dog was brought in to search the area for a second device in case. logan who lives across the street said it's a miracle that no one was standing near the mailbox when it exploded. >> i was on the base. >> really? yeah. >> and i heard the big boom later on, someone knocked at the door and i came up. the mailbox was gone and one piece was in the yard next door. >> reporter: by morning, all that remained in the mailbox was the four bolts that held it into the corner of 49th and mead
inside a u.s. postal mailbox at the corner of mead and 49th street. tom fitzgerald has more details. >> reporter: this bolt and the marks in the concrete are all that remains of a mailbox blown up here on this corner on thursday night. and if somebody meant this as a prank, nobody in this neighborhood is laughing. it happened around 10:00 at night just across the street from the brown middle school on mead street northeast. suddenly and without warning, a postal mailbox exploded. neighbor mary monk says she will never forget the sound. >> a big sound that goes boom, really, really loud, like something did blow up. >> reporter: units from d.c. fire and ems says debris was scattered about 60 feet. the bomb sniffing dog was brought in to search the area for a second device just in case. garrland logan who lives across the street says it's a miracle no one was standing near the mailbox when it exploded. >> i was in the bed and i hear the big boom and then later on somebody knocked at the door so i got up and i came out and the mailbox was gone. one piece was in the yard next door. >> re
of 88. fox 5 tom fitzgerald now with how she served as the role model for the next generation of her family. >> reporter: eunice kennedy shriver was the fifth of five kennedy children including political giants john and ted kennedy but she's best known as the founder of special olympics. >> thank you, all the citizens of canada, for honoring the special olympians disblrn at special olympics d.c. headquarter, visitors sign add condolence book -- signed a condolence book. >> i've done bowling, track, skiing. >> reporter: special olympians say eunice kennedy shriver's legacy goes far beyond. >> we might not be able to have jobs. >> reporter: special olympics president recalled once telling shriver he wished he could have seen the organization's early days. >> she looked me stern in the face and said brady, special olympics is owned by the future, not the past. >> reporter: but the nesis of special olympics was always rooted in kennedy history. rosemary's life led to a lifetime commitment by eunice to improve the lives of disabled people. >> she was really one ever the most compassion in
. >> reporter: tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> the army corps of engineers says the eight workers who discovered the muss arrested agent -- mustard agent were tested and don't appear to have suffered any health effects. d.c. eleanor holmes norton plans to hold a town hall meeting next month to get an update. >>> by now we all know the cash for clunkers program gives ou money for fuel efficient cars. that's not always happening. some people are getting rides that are anything but green. >>> plus, this guy stranded himself on a deserted island on purpose. and wait until you hear why. fox 5 news at 10:00 continues ter this. >>> fixing the financial mess and getting gas guzzlers off the road. the $3 billion program isn't just for fuel efficient cars either. some trucks and suvs that get less than 20 miles per gallon are on the list including a ford f-150 truck and cadillac crossover. e government claims the rebates have put 200,000 vehicles averaging -- [ inaudible ] >>> the battle of the beltways. redskins, ravens hitting the preseason gridiron up in baltimore. the price of the ticket not keeping f
triumph and tragedy. tom fitzgerald has a look at the man known as the liberal lion of the senate. >> reporter: man people are waking up to this news and it was expected but still the final news comes as a shock. it was about 1:30 this more thanking when the news was first released from the kennedy family that the senator had passed away. as you might imagine, statements have been coming into the newsroom from all over the country. we have one here from the kennedy family itself. we'll put that up on the screen. they say we have lost the he irreplaceable center of our family and the joyous light of our lives but the inspiration of his faith, optimism and perseverance will live on in our hearts forever. of course, proams currently vacationing in martha's vineyard not far from the kennedy compound. that statement goes on to say we thank everyone who gave him care and support over his last year and everyone who stood with him for so many years in his tireless march for progress towards justice, farrness and opportunity for all. the white house also released a statement this morning f
the state of maryland. in hagerstown, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> senator cardin says the town halls are useful and the bill that's finally produced will be better because it will be directly impacted by the voters emthfs. i.e. -- themselves. i.e., shouldn't they all? >>> hundreds of people showed up up. tonar r assley opposes a government health insurance option. that's the wrong video. he thinks a public health care plan will result in less choice for consumers, not more. >>> the health care battle isn't overshadowing efforts to fix the financial mess, though. the federal reserve delivered a vote of confidence today leading the key interest rate near zero. the fed also said the economy is leveling out and it will wind down the emergency program to buy hundreds of billions of dollars worth of treasury securities. that program was aimed at reducing mortgage rates. now there are new worries rates could spike. >>> trouble brewing in a spot you'd think your car would be safe. we're going to show you where thieves could be eyeing up your ride. >>> a terrifying scene as two roller coaster
their children would be killed and even incidents of mock exec ukes. tom fitzgerald has the story. >> reporter: it was n. this just released report written in 2004, the cia inspector general reveals the method entheir gators used in questioning terror detainees, methods some former cia officials still defend. >> to one wants torture. none of us are for torture. it comes down to what is torture? water wording is not torture. it has never been torture and it will never be considered torture. >> reporter: but the cia report goes far beyond water boarding. a suspect was reportedly told h mother would be sexually assaulted in fronted of him, a claim the interrogator denied. still others are said to have staged mock executions and threatened prisoners with power tools. last spring, the president described the methods as torture. >> they serve as a recruitment tool for terrorist asened increase the will of our enemies to fight us. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder debated the decision to months but in naming a special prosecutor he is poised to reopen a dozen alleged prisoner abuse cases whic
cancer overnight. >> his family tale of triumph and tragedy is long and historic. tom fitzgerald joins us with a look at his life and legacy. >> reporter: it is far from any secret over the past year, that senator kennedy had less time ahead of him than he had in the past. the final chapter is still being written today as america debates the issue of health care that he fought for right up until the end of his life. born on february #nd, 19 # 2, edward kennedy was the youngest of joe and rose kennedy's nine children but he was des tipped to step from the shadows and lead the kennedy clan through both good times and bad. when john f. kennedy was elected, ather joseph p. kennedy knew who should replace him n 1962, kennedy won a special election and with go on to be re-elected eight times. the kennedy family had its share of tragedy. assassination haming the lives of john f. kennedy in 1963 and robert kennedy in 1968. accolades are going on from around the nation. we will hear from many people who have looked back at 47 years in the united states septa that senator ted kennedy has served. >>
to change for future nominees. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has that story. >> reporter: not only was the confirmation vote for sonia sotomayor never in doubt, it wasn't even close. 68 for, 31 against. republicans who made up all of the no votes said they opposed sotomayor because they believe her wise latino speech in which she would prejudge cases before consulting the law. >> because in judge sotomayor's court, groups that didn't make the cut of preferred groups often found that they ended up on the short end of the empathy standard. e gu sarataythom otisora ugh, argue that sotomayor is a moderate who not only will bring diversity to the court but would serve as a counterbalance to its slight conservative majority. >> it's time that we confirm a moderate nominee to the supreme court who will pull it back into the mainstream and away from the extreme. >> reporter: with the vote complete, president obama praised the senate action. >> the senate has affirmed that judge sotomayor has the intellect, the temperament, the history, the integrity, and the independence of mind to ably se
tom fitzgerald hastorept >> reporter: in this just released report written in 2004, the c.i.a. inspector general reveals the method interrogators used in questioning terror detainees. methods some former c.i.a. officials still defend. >> no one wants torture. none of us are for torture. it comes down to what is torture? water boarding is not torture. it's never been torture and will never be considered torture. >> reporter: but the c.i.a. report goes far beyond water boarding claiming 9/11 mastermind kalik mohammad told if he attacked again, his children would be killed. other interrogators are said to have staged mock executions and threatened prisoners with power tools. last spring the president described the methods as torture. >> they serve as a recruitment tool for terrorists and increases the will of our enemies to fight us. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder debated the issue for months but in naming a special prosecutor, he's poised cases which dozen alleged could expose the c.i.a. employees to criminal charges. >> america will have adjust -- will have a jus
. >> that was tom fitzgerald reporting nnedy family says, we've lost the center of the family and yous you light in the lives and he'll live on in our hearts for ever. we thank everyone that gave him support and care and everyone that stood with him towards justice, fairness and opportunity for all. >> from president obama and leaders oversea, condolences are starting to pour in by the minutes. we're here with more on the reaction of the death of the man known as the liberal lion. >> yes, and condolences are coming in and he was known to work with democrat and republicans. former president george bush offered his sympathies and mentioned his respected for the stead fact public service. the widow of republican president ronald kennedy -- ronald ronald, nancy reagan mentioned finding common ground with kennedy. she considered him a friend and an ally. appearing outside of a beach house where he was vacationing, president obama called him an extraordinary leader. >> his ideals are stamps on scores of laws and reflected in millions of lives and seniors who know dignity and families that knonew oppor
at a town hall meeting. tom fitzgerald was there. repeat from monday? >> indeed. you know unlike maybe some of the other town hall meetings you have heard be should put on here today no one was escorted out of the community college, no one was arrested. it was vibrant but civil about 800 lined up outside here at the theater to get in as early as 9:00 in morning. only 400 were able to fit inside. those who did get in were treated to a spirited exchange between maryland voters and their senator. some people said they wanted him to focus on other areas of health care reform like limiting malpractice suits and also insurance fraud rather than mandating government coverage. temperatur tempers flaired over the issue of him trying to support. if you do not stop i charge you senator with usurping authority not granted to you as a senator. >> what we are trying to do --. we want to use preventative care because we know it works. we want to use health information technology because we know it works, we want to use common sense approaches to bring down health care costs. >> under your and the congre
. tom fitzgeralds herewith more. >> reporter: shriver had suffered a series of strokes in recent years. all 19 of her grandchildren were at her side. shriver was the fifth of nine kennedy children, but unlike her brothers who entered the world of politics, shriver found another way to serve, inspired by her older sister, rose mary who was born with brain damage, she dedicated her lives to those and set up special olympics. special olympics has set up a website to offer condolences online and at their tpháers 19th street building. >> to read the tributes that people are putting on there, in addition to that, we are setting p an area here if people want to stop by and pay respects and condolences. they're more than welcome to visit the headquarters. >> reporter: funeral arrangements so far have not been announced by the family. eunice kennedy shriver's death leaves senator ted kennedy and his sier jean kennedy smith leave the remaining survivors of the immediate kennedy family. >>> the news edge on the virginia governor's race now. if the commonwealth is going to go blue, it's going kic
. >> i'm laura evans. the senator will be laid to rest on saturday. tom fitzgerald is here with a closer look at the arrangements underway. >> reporter: every grave site is special without a question. the site containing the final resting places of president john f. kennedy and robert f. kennedy are two of the most visited spots to the washington area, a site that will continue the -- contain the resting place of their younger brother. at arlington national cemetery, visitors came to get a firsthand look at the place where senator edward kennedy's burial will take place. i asked about wherehe late kennedy was going to be buried and nobody would tell me. >> in fact, he will be buried 95 night to the south of the brother president john f. kennedy. it will link the kennedy family, not only with aington but the army's old guard. >> i remember growing up and seeing footage of the kennedy funeral. >> reporter: robert forte grew up to be a u.s. average lieutenant colonel and battalion commander of the u.s. old guard and -- the honors on saturday, honors he said will be similar to those given ev
of a 16- year-old cleanup project. fox5's tom fitzgerald is there with more. >> reporter: brian, this latest discovery is prompting fresh promises of action from the u.s. army corps of engineers. residents say they have heard that all before. the army stopped its search for world war i chemical weapons at this house. the reason for people doing the investigation came across an open glass flask and inside were the trace amount of the chemical agent used to make mustard gas. >> we have every reason to believe that there were agents there. >> eleanor holmes norton met with the army corps of engineers. since the cleanup began, the army left the site twice and this time she says that is not going to happen again. >> remember, the corps left and had to be recalled. the corps is not leaving again until this is all done. >> reporter: for its part, colonel dave anderson of the u.s. army corps of engineers says the job of the investigation is to locate any dangerous material. so in his view, the discovery of the mustard agent means their success has been proven. for now, the work is on
.m. tom fitzgerald is live with more on the preparations for tomorrow's private burial. tom? >> reporter: sharons when senator kennedy -- shawn, when senator kennedy is brought here tomorrow, he will be returned to a place he knew well. he talked to the staffers here and they will tell you amongst the 4 million people who visit the hallowed grounds ery year, edward m. kennedy was a familiar face among them. outside early -- arlington national cemetery, sidewalks are being roped off for the crowds expected to vow senator edward kennedy's funeral motorcade on memorial gray drive. the crawford family of new hampshire will be among them. >> it's a historic moment. an end of an era with the last of the kennedy brothers passing on. >> reporter: inside the cemetery's hallowed grounds, there are few visible signs of the historic burial taking place here on saturday. senator edward kennedy's actual grave site will be a short walk from those of his brothers president john f. kennedy and senator robert kennedy. >> senator kennedy was a regular visitor here at arlingtonm is tear. >> reporter: john i
that went off near brown middle school in northeast washington. tom fitzgerald is live on the scene us for. >> reporter: if this was meant as a prank, no one in this neighborhood of 49th street and meade street northeast are laughing this morning. that is because someone could have been seriously injured when an explosive device was placed inside of a blue u.s. postal mailbox around 10:00 last night. we had video of the scene just shortly after it occurred. police responded to the scene with k-9 bomb-sniffing dogs after the explosion. concern here in the neighbor was that this bomb placed inside this mailbox may not have been the only one. fortunately, police scoured the area and it was only this one device but that was enough. neighbors here who describe the scene say debris went flying for several feet. >> my neighbor said he heard a small boom and then the big boom but i didn't hear the small one. i heard the big one. >> reporter: now, debris as we said was scat ford about # 0 feet. let's give you an idea just how powerful this explosion was. this divot is across the street from where t
with abusing prisoners? tom fitzgerald has the story. >> reporter: for months the president has been saying he did not believe that cia interrogators should be prosecutorred for their actions during the bush administration but also said the final decision was up to his attorney general eric holder. now holder is wanting to reopen a dozen prisoner abuse cases which could expose cia officials to criminal charges. this as the justice department released a 2004 report by the cia inspector general detailing just how far interrogators went in one case a suspect was told his children would be killed. in another a detainee said his mother would be sexually assaulted in front of him. and detailed mock executions are explained and prisoners are alsothreatened with power tool. the white house announced it was remove -- moving the responsibility of questioning detainees from the cia in to a new unit within the fbi. >> the president at the consensus recommendation of his interalso task force on interrogation from detainees did put in place a new group, high value interrogation group which will be housed at
'm laura evans. senator kennedy lost his battle with brain cancer in his massachusetts home overnight. tom fitzgerald is here now with a look back at the life and legacy of the man who was the kennedy family patriarch. >> reporter: last spring when he endorsed barack obama's presidential campaign, senator edward kennedy invoked his brother's inauguration speech saying the torch would be passed again to a new generation. his own torch may have dimmed a final time but the glow of his remarkable life was the stuff of an american political legend. ary 2nd, 1932, the2n un geyostonnif e kennedy which were. he was destinenito step out of the shadees on of his famous brothers and lead the kennedy clan through good times and bad. >> i dojohn fitzgerald kennedy -- >> when john f. kennedy was elected the 35th president, 30- year-old ted kennedy ran for a seat in 1962. democratic strategist peter finn worked on kennedy's first campaign. >> he was criticized by many in the democratic establishment, especially a lot of liberals saying what are you doing? you know, he's been assistant district attorney i
the situation and now some are wondering if that means more troops are on the way? tom fitzgerald has more on the general's blunt assessment. >> reporter: the u.s. already has 6200 troops in afghanistan, a record number. we will have 68,000 by the end of the year. the report by general stanley mccrystal calls for training of afghan forces to take security over allowing u.s. orces to focus on counterinsurgency efforts. while the report does not call for more u.s. troops, security experts say it lays out the case for such a request later this year. president obama called for the report and the white house says it is part of an effort to refocus military efforts away from iraq and toward afghanistan. >> there's a broad agreement that for many years our effort in afghanistan has been under resourced. politically, militarily, economically. >> reporter: last march, president obama announced in addition to this new military forces in afghanistan, the u.s. will also send economic aid to rebuild schools and towns damaged by the eight year long war. >>> outrage over the release of the pan am bomber
was not without heated debate. tom fitzgerald joins us with the latest. >> reporter: on the first day of confirmation hearings, republican snare lindsay graham said unless she had a meltdown, her confirmation was all but assured. graham in the end was a handful of republicans that voted for the judge. most republicans voted against her saying she would bring a personal bias and liberal agenda citing her se latina speech as evidence. democrats heaped praise on sotomayor as a mainstream moderate that would bring much needed diversity to the bench. president obama praised what he called a historic vote. >> the senate of a fired that judge sotomayor has the intellect, temperment, history, integrity and independence of mind toabley serve on the nation's highest court. >> i don't believe we should have anyone on the court that is not committed to the constitution, not committed to putting aside their personal political agendas. >> those who oppose her for fear of her unique life experience do no justice to her or our nation. >> reporter: judge sotomayor becomes the 111th justice to serve on
making less than $250,000. tom fitzgerald has more on how they may break their promise. >> he faced tough questions today about whether the obama administration has any wiggle room with approaching a middle- class tax hike. even though candidate a obama said he would not pursue one. they reit rated he -- that puts him at odds with the secretary of treasury, top economic adviser who said that yesterday. on two talk shows, treasury secretary timothy geithner and lawrence summers says we are not ready to rule out a tax lyme hike to lower thdeficit. the white house allowed himself to be caught in a hypothetical argument and said the administration will not raise taxes on the middle class. >> the president is clear about his commitment about not raising taxes on middle class families. i don't think they any economist would believe that in the economy we are in that raising taxes on the middle class would make any sense. >> it is another unwanted distraction for the white house which is dealing with uneasy democrats in congress who are heading home for the summer break and expecting tough ques
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trip by former president bill clinton secured their release. tom fitzgerald is here with the jubilant reunion. >> the two women were overcome with emotion after stepping off the aircraft. this is the culmination of a while wind 20 hour mission by former president bill clinton that not only won the freedom of the two but put the former president in the role of diplomatic deal maker. a day of cheers and tears. >> the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. >> reporter: a tearful euna lee clung to her daughter hanna as laura ling hung her family, waiting transfer to a hard labor camp tuesday, they were instead told they were going to a meeting. >> when we walked in through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. >> reporter: the former president's marathon trip had him secretly fly to north korea, meet with its leader and win the release of both women. with the mission accomplished, president obama praised his predecessor. >> i want to thank president bill clinton. i had a chance to talk to him before the extraordinary humanitarian effort that ruled in t
're looking for particular details as to his health and well- being. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >>> there are conflicting reports about the fate of the three americans in iran. iran now says they cannot confirm the arrests until further investigation. yesterday a local security official told state tv three americans had been detained there. they were hiking near the iranian bored we are iraq and illegally entered the country over the weekend. iran is saying very little about what happens next disbldz the crackdown on illegal immigration in prince william county, virginia is still sparking controversy. tonight a report breaks down the success of the crackdown. the plan sparked a lot of tension in 2007 after the board of supervisors first approved it. a recent report shows there has been a 37% drop in violent crime but it's not exactly what it seems. >> only 3% of those who are arrested for serious crimes are illegal immigrants. that's because most illegal immigrants have either left prince william county or are keeping out of trouble because they don't want to be deported. >> op
in the next 90 minutes to talk about this and of course, tom fitzgerald has more. >> and not many can say they shook hands with him, but tucker barnes did. >> yes, he flew coach on a plane and i don't remember it well, but he was nice. >> and let's go to the head lines. we'll talk 90s today. here are the head lines, sunny and hot, tomorrow, a next chance for scatter showers and thunderstorms. continuing on here friday through sunday looks unsettled and we could have a tropical system to deal with. we have to watch this one carefully into the weekend. we'll show it to you in a second. >> and still on the comfortable side. 71 degrees at this hour and 69 in baltimore and hey, nice, cool, 60s off to te north and west and winchester, you're waking top a term -- waking up to a temperature of 69. we won't factor the humidity in until tomorrow. it will be comfortable today. and that's the high pressure and off to the north and west, a cold front will make its presence felt during the day tomorrow and the humidity will increase tomorrow and we'll ve a chance of scattered thunderstorms tomorrow. an
fitzgerald singing sweet adeline. tom said ted kennedy looked quite a lot like mayor fitzgerald, too. the other person i think in his life who would have liked to have seen this reception is rose kennedy. not only the warmth on the streets of boston, but she worked really hard when ted kennedy was a kid to make sure her children had a sense of history and she took them to lexington and concord, old north church where paul revere was. i think she would have been delighted to see her history lessons worked. >> for a lot of our viewers who are watching this and may think this is poor ted he doesn't get to see this himself, but when you think become to the 2004 democratic convention in boston where there were so many tributes from the democratic party faithful and there was a tribute by the boston simple symphony, you get a sense he knew how much the city loved him and this is essentially maybe an opportunity for the rest of the nation to see what ted kennedy knew all along, and that is he really did have this special relationship with his constituents. >> yeah, i agree with every word y
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